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Day 151. Done. One of my favorite photos from my trip. I love street dogs and am convinced my old dog d-man sends them over. So after 13 countries, 37000 miles in the air, 1800 miles on ships, 3000 miles driving, 750 miles walking and 6500 miles on trains I'm done with the road trip. But I got to thinking about all the people I met. How many people I trusted to fly the planes, captain the ships, serve me dinner, guide me to all sorts of places, clean my room and not steal my stuff. As I traveled around I didn't meet too many Americans. Perhaps they are afraid to get out there (don't worry, foreigners won't bite or hurt you). The one thing that's the same about us and the world is that we all want something good for us and the people around us. So as this trip comes to an end I find myself wanting to say thanks to everyone I met along the way. I hope I treated you kindly. I'm super fortunate that my summer job is an awesome one. I get to take photos of people on one of the happiest days of their lives as well as photos of happy families and awesome homes. I'm thankful for that opportunity and hope as an Instagram follower you will check back once in awhile to see some of these photos. So that's it. Day 151. The road ends just for now.

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