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Kilimanjaro in a nutshell. Some friends have asked me what climbing Kilimanjaro is like. So here is a brief recap. You can climb up a few different routes. Some easier, some harder, but the bottom line is most people will have to make the last climb starting around midnight from Kibo hut which is at about 15,500 feet eventually making the summit at 19300 feet, so the last climb is tough. It’s cold, dark and straight up to Gollmans Peak, which is kinda a false summit. You keep looking at the headlamps of people above u thinkkng f••]}k. But you know you can’t quit and my guides wouldn’t let me anyway telling me cold and pain is temporary. (they are right). To get to Kibo Hut we went the Rongai route which is less crowded and steeper. There are 3 camps along the way up where we slept in tents. The 1st camp is at 8700 and you go up from there, aclimiatizomg. As you go up the altitude affects everyone differently. I’m a picky eater and really didn’t feel like eating so I relied on kind bars and jolly ranchers from my friend Johns daughter Megan, who along with Johns sister crushed it.) The guides and porters are true rock stars. After they figured out I don’t eat like a normal person they made me some grilled cheese, which was awesome but I still really didn’t feel like eating. So after summiting you have to go down which is tough in an opposite way, but you do get to ski down a few miles of scree which at first is fun to you realize it’s gonna take awhile. After I made it back to camp at 10:30 I crawled onto my tent for a few hours and barfed a few times out of the tent and ate some Jolly Ranchers. But, your not done for the day. You have to hike 7 long miles to get to the next camp where I got to barf again because everyone was eating Cucumber Soup….ick. From there it’s 1 day down and back to the hotel for your first shower in almost a week as well as some cocktails, (thankfully they sell Vodka in town as well as Orange Fanta). So anyway, that’s a brief recap. Thanks again for my rockstar guides. Here are a few more photos to get a feel. You think you want to do it check out @gadventures.

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